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Paul Flynn

The chef at the Tannery makes a brilliantly simple chowder at home and explains how he went from fine dining in London to cooking good, unfussy food in the Irish countryside


Fuchsia Dunlop

The expert on Chinese food prepares a feast from her latest cookbook, shows us her prized kitchen objects (including a watchful food god) and reveals an unexpected food aversion


Severin Corti

The eminent Viennese restaurant critic talks about his years as a chef, makes a revelatory bánh mì with Austrian ingredients and picks his nine favourite restaurants in Vienna




Bacon & Butter Bean Chowder

“This is a very simple recipe and you can add extra things to it if you want: plaice or mussels would work very nicely….


Steamed chopped pork with salted fish

“I’m doing a really simple supper dish. This recipe uses a quite strong tasting, slightly pungent salted fish called xiang, though you can make…


Green pak choy with dried shrimps

“One thing I love about Chinese food is the vegetables. You really don’t have a Chinese meal without some kind of healthy, fresh green….