Kylee Newton

The founder of Newton & Pott makes a heavenly cake with one of her jams, talks about the challenges of starting a food business and recalls the meal that wooed her husband

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Paul Flynn

The chef at the Tannery makes a brilliantly simple chowder at home and explains how he went from fine dining in London to cooking good, unfussy food in the Irish countryside


Fuchsia Dunlop

The expert on Chinese food prepares a feast from her latest cookbook, shows us her prized kitchen objects (including a watchful food god) and reveals an unexpected food aversion




Apricot & Almond Jam

“Summer is an exciting season for a preserver as all the fruits come to light and it’s time for making jam.” – Kylee Newton,…


Apricot Jam Cake

“This is like a bakewell tart without the crusty bottom. You can use almost any seasonal, soft-set jam with the fresh fruit to match:…


Bacon & Butter Bean Chowder

“This is a very simple recipe and you can add extra things to it if you want: plaice or mussels would work very nicely….